Missouri's 62nd District - Special Election Slated for Feb 2

Jeff Justus is the first to verbally acknowledge intentions to replace former Missouri Assemblyman Dennis Wood. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon 's appointment of Wood as Stone County Presiding Commissioner was confirmed yesterday in front of a crowd of over 100 onlookers in Galena.

For Wood, the 62nd seat would ultimately be vacated after Missouri's next legislative session due to term limits. As Stone County presiding commissioner, Wood's paid political career could have some longevity as term limits aren't an issue for county commissioners.

But who will throw their hat into the ring? Branson's mayor Presley could easily take the seat but with the current financial disarray of the municipality it's likely she could sit this one out.

The Democrats are void of a candidate at this time but Joe Allen, who recently moved to Branson from Forsyth, could be a strong contender. Peter T. took a stomping by Wood during last election outpaced by a democratic candidate who wasn't even living in the country during the prior election.

Compare Stone County Election Split For Missouri's 62nd Seat:

DENNIS F. WOOD REP 7939 75.32%

Wood, Dennis F. REP 5,612 68.8%
Tuia, Sae DEM 2,548 31.2%

Tuia left the United States to work for the country of Samoa several months before the election took place.