Branson School District to Air Obama's Speech to Some Classrooms

President Barack Obama's decision to address schoolchildren across the country raised eyebrows and a sleuth of concerns suggesting the most radical of objectives were being deployed to influence the children of our nation.

As a result of the backlash the White House released the transcript of the president's speech to American students which will be broadcast Tuesday afternoon at participating schools.

The Branson school district released the following statement regarding the president's broadcast to classrooms:

"President Barack Obama has invited America’s school children to listen in on Tuesday, September 8th as he addresses them on the importance of education. The address is available via a video stream to classrooms across the nation.

The President’s address will not be part of any district-wide or building-level event. If this event has a direct impact on the lesson plan for the day – particularly government/history classes at the secondary level – teachers may use this outside learning experience in conjunction with curriculum expectations that are already in place in the classroom.

Parents will be notified by the participating teacher if the President’s address will be a part of the day’s lesson. If you do not wish for your child to participate in the “President’s Speech to School Children”, please notify the teacher and he/she will be excused from the class for the duration of the address."