Senator Claire McCaskill Live in Springfield (Courtesy of Springfield News-Leader)

Senator Claire McCaskill is holding her town hall meeting in Sprinfield. The event is being streamed live courtesy of the Springfield News-Leader.
12:34 The tenth of ten town hall meetings has begun with McCaskill opening up with a health care discussion after being introduced by Springfield's mayor.
12:47 "I will not vote for a bill that isn't deficit neutral'
12:49 McCaskill comments on audience "booing"
12:52 Applause recovered when question about "tort reform" addressed.
12:54 "It's an equal opportunity feeding trough" - McCaskill encourages citizens to donate money to their candidate stating small donations, encouraging citizens to donate ten dollars to their favorite candidate is a way to fight big money which flows to both sides of the aisle.
1:00 Second time McCaskill begs the audience, has your health care gone down.
1:03 Sneaky tax - McCaskill notes that everyone who has insurance pays for people who don't and use the emergency room.
1:23 McCaskill nubs Missouri Congressional members for the second time saying they should have town-hall meetings