Welcome to Branson - "Here's Your Sign"

There are three noted achievements of the current administration at Branson City Hall (four if you coun't direct bribes to local journalists).

1. Pilfering the multi-millions in savings of Branson's prior leadership

2. Laundering money to Skaggs Hospital and other committees Branson's Mayor Raeanne Presley sits on in conflict to her public responsibilities

3. Creating a new sign at the entrance to Branson.

As corruption plagues the citizens of Branson potentially forcing a tax increase, city leaders have succeeded at something that doesn't cost the Branson ecnonomy too much.

Unfortunately, the last listed achievement took longer than the prior city leadership took to build the Branson Landing.

Branson will now have an entrance sign which was recently approved by the Branson Beautification Commitee. The image above is what the sign will look like.