Capatalizing on the Branson Landing

Since the Branson Landing's inception I've been trying to figure out how to capitalize on it.
A recent Branson Chamber of Commerce survey concluded Branson's $450 million dollar lakefront project was Branson Missouri's top destination.

I've sat center stage the past 31 days with the clearest view of the property - studying.

Rick Huffman, the developer of the Branson Landing stopped by last week before heading to an architectural awards ceremony in Las Vegas. Between then and now he's crushed my cold drink monopoly with Coke machines in the Town Square.

After Branson whistleblower Ruth Denham unfolded corruption in Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley administration not even Huffman, always known as bold in business, dares attempt reform efforts to save Branson's economy.

In three years the Branson Landing and Branson Hills projects have generated over 25 percent of Branson's income. Unfortunately, Branson's current administration can't seem to stop frivolously spending it.

Memorial Day is coming and the seasonal rush has tourists moving from a trickling creek to a steady stream (rain days excluded).

It's time to get paid....