Branson Slave Labor Scheme Foiled by Grand Jury

Branson's unemployment rate is the highest in the state during the off season peaking above 13% during the driest months.
Business takes a burst in April and Silver Dollar City's World Fest brings a healthy crop of foreign nationals in time for the tourist season to kick off.

Over the past few years an insurgence of foreign nationals from the former Soviet Union and satellite states ensures both poverty for the local population and cheap labor for many Branson businesses.

During the spring staffing firms negotiate with local businesses to provide cheap labor. The abundance of inexpensive motels helps subsidize these firms who contract with guaranteed minimum hours.

Even the most mundane jobs are filled before the summer heat brings swarms of tourists. Locking in the import of alien workers involves advertising in developing nations for bodies to fill seasonal demand.

The laborers often stay longer than their visas and fill other service industry jobs while in Branson.

A Federal Grand Jury indicted 12 in the Western District Court in Kansas City yesterday with charges including racketeering, marriage fraud, visa fraud to name a few.

The multi state operation cited two Branson area businesses that contracted for illegal labor. The two listed are Branson Creek and Pointe Royale. The full PDF file is posted on Branson Agent or can be accessed directly
"Human Trafficking PDF"Federal Grand Jury Indictment PDF

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