Branson Opens For Air Travel

Branson is ready for international flights as the epic opening of the airport south of Hollister launched this weeken despite some local politicos efforts to thwart the regional airport from opening.

One of the main opponents of the airport, Branson's current Mayor Raeanne Presley fought against the airport but took the spotlight during the opening ceremonies. Though Presley has repeatedly criticized the vision of Branson's former administrators, she was gracious in crediting former Mayor Lou Schaefer during the announcement of Air Tran as the first commercial airline to ink a deal to charter flights into Southern Missouri.

Employees of the airport applauded as the first planes landed carrying Branson Airport's investors and their families as they walked into Famous Dave's in the terminal which has a barn facade complete with a water wheel. Read More: Branson Airport Opens

(Photo by Melnov)