Branson Employees Beware - A letter to Branson Employees

A survey is being circulated at Branson City Hall and as many of you are quite aware the data will be reviewed by Branson's Board of Alderman.

Most of you are smart enough not to answer the survey honestly as the repercussions of doing so could jeopardize your careers and the ability for you to take care of your families.

Our Mayor, or as I call her, Branson's Chief Money Launderer, has a history of firing people who challenge her ethics and refuse to conduct illegal activities as prescribed.

A good example of this may be in the form of the Mayor personally asking you to sign documents or conduct repairs in front of a business partners home.

Recently, Ms. Presley granted herself and her friends on the board of Alderman a $90,000 slush fund to play with. Another $250,000 for her League of Theaters political fund from the regional tax district and another large donation that directly concerns you.

While Skaggs Board and associates, which Presley serves on , receives millions in public funds you might be told there is no money to pay for raises, bonuses or proper personnel. Against common sense, another $40,000 was granted by the board to themselves for a lobbyist. One of the purposes of this lobbyist is to ensure you don't organize.

Fortunately, the law allows for secret ballots in the event you want to both keep your jobs and restore integrity to Branson City Hall.

Most of the politicos in town have given up. Many are already accumulating bribe money to ship her out - maybe a gubernatorial appointment or as a rep for a small district. Her actions, neglect for the cities financial viability and use of public funds for personal gain reveal the personality behind the most selfish leader Branson has been cursed with.

I was hoping to bring you good news, but unfortuantely I'm obliged to inform you that it's about to get much worse.

Perhaps you want to know where your next assignment will be. It's important to look at where the political donations are coming from. A simple map of the area reveals Presley is most bribed west 76 strip. Expect development in this region as it would be most damaging to downtown Branson, an area Presley despises and has worked vigorously to bankrupt.

The real innovative projects have been shut down such as the monorail prior administrations were planning. In light of the vision and economic focus prior to Presley's regime you might find some of the work a waste of time and contrary to good fiscal management. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about this.

You can however make a dent in corruption at Branson City Hall and protect both yourselves and the citizens.

The next time Presley asks you to break the law, sign a document against common-sense ethics or undermine government processes by contacting you directly, report the incident to an attorney with as much written documentation as possible.

By the time criminal charges catch up to you, Presley will be out of city hall. Hopefully we'll have leaders at that point who prize honor before self-interest. And at that time, if you've assisted with Presley's battle against the Branson economy, you could prosecuted.