Branson Official Government Handout Report March 25

Action taken by Branson Board of Aldermen at March 24, 2009 meeting
City contracts with local non-profits for emergency services
Aldermen approved on final reading service contracts with four non-profit agencies to provide
temporary emergency services for the homeless and families and individuals in need.
$30,000 will go to Christian Action Ministries
$ 5,000 to the Salvation Army
$ 3,500 to the Women’s Crisis Center
$10,000 to Branson Church Army
Sewer and annexation agreement for new development gets approval
Aldermen approved a sewer and annexation agreement with Tuscany on the Lake. This
development is 17 acres on Highway 265 just north of Chateau on the Lake and will contain
whole ownership condominiums. The agreement requires Tuscany to comply with city codes for
construction and landscaping.
Board approves agreement to fund Branson Arts Council
Board approved on first reading an agreement with the Branson Arts Council to provide funding
for community arts and cultural activities. The amount approved was $22,500. This item was
postponed two weeks ago when aldermen wanted more information on what programs and
services would be cut by the Arts Council as a result of this year’s funding, which was $18,000
less than in previous years.
Chamber of Commerce presents 4th quarter (Oct-Dec ’08) marketing report
Overall visitation in Branson during 2008 was about 8.1 million, down 3.7% or about
250,000 visitors from 2007.(This particular statement is intentionally misleading. The Chamber is referring to a two county area not Branson proper)
However, Branson’s sales tax revenues were up 1.9% and tourism tax revenues up 0.2%
in 2008. (This clarifies the note above)
Hotel room demand in 2008 was down 7.8% (People coming to Branson to shop from a 100 mile radius don't need hotels)
Sixty percent of visitors in 2008 came from 301 plus miles away; 25 percent from 101-
300 miles and 15% from 0-100 miles.
Average age of Branson visitor dropped from 58 to 57.
Percent of families visiting Branson in 2008 dropped from 44 to 37%.
Percent of first time visitors to Branson in ’08 was 23%.....up from 14% in ’07.
2009 Branson forecast:
Unrealistic to forecast significant growth in 2009. (This statement contradicts other statments proposed by the Branson Chamber of Commerce)
Early ’09 business activity in the Branson area shows some promise that Branson’s value,
location, product and marketing efforts may weather the stormy economy better than most
destinations, and could even lead to modest increases in visitation. (More accurate assesment than Mayor Presley's public campaign against the Branson Landing)
Taney County Health Department presented results of its 2008 Health Assessment
According to Robert Niezgoda of the Taney County Health Department, the results of the
2008 Health Assessment indicate the top three priorities for the county should be:
1. Tobacco use prevention (Great way to waste money on ads instead of addressing health care issues. This gives an excuse to waste money on media buys vs. non-smoking assistance)
2. Obesity, nutrition and physical activity
3. Child and family safety.
Niezgoda said other health priorities that need to be addressed include communicable
disease prevention and senior issues. He said the health department has increased educational
programs in the county to address these health issues, and has specifically targeted Branson and
Forsyth schools to conduct smoking prevention programs.