Branson Employee Turns Whistleblower Accuses City Administration of Fraud

From Branson Missouri
Interim Planning and Development Director Ruth Denham alleged city employees are involved in a cover-up regarding building code shortcomings on a Lake Taneycomo lakefront project.
The allegations include accusations that city employees are intentionally keeping information from FEMA that buildings at the Branson Landing meet neither Branson Municipal Code nor National Flood Insurance Program requirements.
Denahn contends that that a legitimate Certificate of Occupancy could spur an audit from FEMA which couldn't pass without city employees committing fraud. Denham went on to state in a letter verbalized to Branson Alderman last night that she along with other employees are being pressured to sign off on Certificate of Occupancy documents.
Sam Proffer, Branson's former floodplain administrator was cited by Denham as an employee who refused to sign off on CO's resulting in a "resignation under pressure".
The engineering firm Benham was said to be uncooperative after hiring an administrator to replace Proffer even after receiving $1,300,000 from the city to oversee the highly successful waterfront project.
Denham explained to the Board of Alderman that detailed information was sent to the interim city attorney, Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and Branson City Administrator Dean Kruithof. The only response she received was from Kruihof who stated Denhan, "was very upset I put the white elephant in writing"
During the meeting, Denham stated "Those who aren't playing along with the cover up game are resigning, or being terminated, for failing to play according to the morals of their supervisors".
The city issued an immediate response promising to quickly address the issue. to selective press outlets before Denham's allegations could be published in full.