Morning Political Dispatch

(Video by Darin Codon)Last year, this week I attended a speech with President Elect Barack Obama. He spoke to a room of 125 people at a Jr. High School in Des Moines Iowa.  

The last speech I witnessed first-hand was in Kansas City Missouri with an estimated 30,000 people. 

In 10 days, he'll be the leader of the free-world with the Palestinian/Israeli conflict front and center: Articles on Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

"Hamas used Gaza to launch terrorist attacks on Isreal" - the official word delivered from the President live right now and  "Israel has a right to defend itself".  These words are being delivered live right now by our current president George Bush. 

Meanwhile,  news wires are flowing digital video filmed ten minutes ago in Washington D.C., the man who drew a crowd of 125 is live with (D-California, Speaker of the House 8th District Nancy Pelosi in preparation for tomorrows swearing in of a new congress. On the Palestinian issue Obama has spoken in favor of Israel's right to respond to rocket attacks qualified with the statement, "We need to change our policy in the Middle East." Obama will likely respond with a statement in a press conference scheduled this afternoon. 

Missouri will begin a session this week with a majority of the state legislator maintained in Republican hands. Governor Elect, Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon promises bi-partisan ship - if nothing else out of necessity. Political coverage of the Missouri Legislature will be posted on Missouri Netizen with commentary on the Branson Missouri Blog as issues relate to local political issues.