Branson Tourism Tax Reaches Record High in Fiscal 08

The City of Branson's Tourism Tax peaked to new heights in fiscal 2008. The chart above depicts the history of the tourism tax, not to be confused with the regional tourism tax that extends to Silver Dollar City. 
The Branson Tourism Tax reflects revenue derived by the city of Branson proper as opposed to the TCED tax entity voters approved of over two years ago.
The Branson Tourism Tax is controlled by the City of Branson Alderman and trickled in nearly $800,000 more than projected by government officials at at the beginning of fiscal 2008. Analyst forecasted $11,422,027 in Tourism Tax Income to the city of Branson while actual income from the tourism tax totaled $12,620,239. Branson's fiscal 2008 Tourism Tax Totals reflect record city income from the tax from Branson hotels, restaurants and attractions and a 5.8% increase over last year.

(by Darin Codon)

***Edit: 8 not 10 year history