Branson Calendar Year Sales Tax Revenue up 3% and Media irresponsibility in reporting

The City of Branson is reporting Sales Tax Revenue collected through calendar year through November 2008 is up 3%

The facts blatantly disregard assertions of a deficit by city leaders regurgitated through local faux-media outlets. The significance of the finding pontificates a major issue with the new age of reporting.

Determining what news is published is a difficult and time-consuming task . The competitive landscape of our new media age lends itself to foul play - consider all four regional media outlets covering Branson are publishing press releases as opposed to reporting. This enables corruption as officials utilize the press to run ongoing political campaigns and undermines the purist view that media's goal in American society is to keep us free and self governed.

What's sad is that the actual numbers reflect a very positive story about the Branson economy. Instead of accurate reporting of fact we have politicians dictating what is being printed and published by news outlets.

Branson's leaders have been on a massive spending spree to special interests. Economic stimulus plans aren't part of the current administrations goals, ambitions or focus. As a result, Branson's 2009 economy will suffer overburdened with handouts to organizations that have traditionally been funded privately.