Taney County East West Corridor Map and Event Center Renderings




Hollister's expansion into tourism has hit a few bumps in the road and along with it vital infrastructure connecting Eastern Taney County to Branson appears to be at risk. Last November we reported Hollister announcement of plans to contruct an arena in 2009 which promised new opportunities to pull more tourists into the region. At the time, construction plans to extend a road eastward from 65 appeared emminent. Not so today.
Justin Gage, a fifth generation Branson resident is hoping to revive the projects through town hall style gatherings. Last night he met at National Enzyme Corporation (NEC) and this afternnon at the monthly Hollister Chamber of Commerce luncheon to emphasize the importance of the project in hopes he can drum up enough support to place a ballot initiative residents can vote on in May. What the initiative looks like isn't clear, but Gage believes gathering public support is critical to convincing Taney County Commissioners to bring the project plans to voters.
During this afternoon's presentation, among other benefits, Gage proposed the project is critical for emergency services, ecnonomic stability, lowering commute costs and loosening up traffic that could impede tourists from spending money.
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