City of Branson Revenue At All Time High

Branson's current city administration has more money to play with than ever before with income at an all time high.
The two images above depict income flowing into Branson's city budget. Again, many businesses in Branson are suffering as they are nationwide; however, Branson city leaders have more money to play with than ever before despite press releases and correspondence that speak otherwise.
2008 marks a record high in sales tax up 4.8% from Branson's record 2007 increases,. The City of Branson's Tourism tax is up3.7% above 2007 - once again an all time high.
As stated in the last three posts and for several months, Branson's deficit is due to new spending not a decline in revenue.

If new spending allocated to special interests translates to fiscal responsibility, then we can call this administration "very responsible". And if we can call hiding the success of the Branson Landings contribution to the Branson economy "open government" ......