Branson Tourism Revenue Increased - Silver Dollar City 3rd Quarter Earnings Down

The three charts above are part of a presentation generated by the Branson Chamber of Commerce. Local televised news reports focused on the last image which shows Branson tourism is on the decline. KSPR reported, "The Branson area experienced a slight decrease in Tourism...".

On its own, the report would indicate Branson's current administration is acting with integrity when it claims income has decreased provided an excuse for the fiscal irresponsibility of the Raeanne Presley administration. Branson revenue is at an all time high - so is new spending - just not in areas that provide increased economic opportunity.

The dishonest press releases play off the national economic downturn. Many of Branson's businesses are sufferering and none more than the Branson Shows which are in a pickle as tourists tastes have shifted leaving the theater industry in stagnation several years running.

As you can see from the top image Taney County Tax revnue has increased but Stone County revenue has substantially decreased. The 4.8 percent decrease in the Stone County economy reflects Silver Dollar City's 3rd Quarter downturn. The theme park sits in Stone County and accounts for over 70% of Stone County revenue.