Branson Real Estate Bid Rates 2006

# URL Title Bid
1 Planning to Sell a Home? $1.13
2 Real Estate Uncovered Book - $97 $1.12
3 145k Mortgage for Under $484/Month $1.02
4 Selling a Home? Free REALTOR® Search $1.01
5 Real Estate at RE/ $1.00
6 Luxury Real Estate Auction Company $0.99
7 Real Estate License - CA, FL, VA, TX, WA $0.80
8 Real Estate Airline Miles & Award Points $0.79
9 Selling Real Estate? $0.77
10 Oceania - for Investment or Pleasure $0.75

The first Internet Bidding technology came online in 1997 and became a market standard in 2001. Target markets across multiple sites were calculated through cluster technology and sold at a Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) rate of 3 to 50 dollars varying by market demand.

The bidding systems remained open through 2006 before a massive decline in effectiveness apparent in Google's 3rd Quarter performance.

The rates above indicate part of a 2006 October analysis of the Branson Real Estate advertising market online.

CPM's have declined greatly as most bids are set on a cost for performance (click) basis.

Top Bid for Keyword Branson Real Estate - Homegain $1.15 Per click