Branson Hookers Solicited on Craig's List

KSPR released new information today regarding the recent prostitution bust in Branson on Oct. 9th a month after the "Branson Missouri Blogger" brought up the problem of human smuggling and prostitution rampant in the Hotel and Restaurant industry during a Branson, Missouri City Council Meeting. Branson Alderman Stephen Marshall doubles as head of a trade organization for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry in Branson.

"Branson police and Combined Ozarks Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement Team or COMET task force officers arrested four women on October 9, 2008.18-year-old Desiree L. Nicks, 44-year-old Tonya Rochell Osborne and 25-year-old Indianda L. Young are charged with misdemeanor prostitution.Officers may have gone undercover but they say the women they arrested were trying to sell sex in very public ways; online and in the phonebook. Branson is known for country music and family entertainment."That's the way we want Branson to stay," Assistant Manager of a Motel Rebecca Shetler says....."You can tell by their attire but you can't just come out and ask them." Shetler says. "You can't ask are you a prostitute because people have rights."Investigators went online to "Craig's List" and clicked on erotic services. They say several women they contacted didn't show up to their sting but Osborne did. They say Osborne charged $200 dollars. Then officers opened up a phone book and called Jamie's Escort Service. They say Nicks and Young were sent to the hotel by a dispatcher named "Sam."
...."We see it because we are here everyday." Shetler says. "We just hope the tourists don't see it.",,," Full text archive