King Presley axes more city employees

The reign of Branson's new Dictator Raeanne Presley is in full force - good news for the folks at Skaggs Hospital and bad news for Branson taxpayers who are footing the bill for Presley's "political purchases" which yield no return on investment. This past year Presley has dedicated nearly $2,000,000 to the County Health Department and Skaggs Hospital where political allies can help push her to a run in Jefferson City - at the expense of Branson residents.
Presley continues to launder political resources through a private e-mail address posted on the city of Branson website which she refuses to deny in Sunshine requests. Breaking the law isn't new to Raeanne Presley who used Alderman Sandra Williams to leak confidential documents from Branson City Hall for years. During campaign season, Presley's political partner - pretend journalist - Gary Groman - violated Missouri Ethics Commission rules by not reporting ads on Branson Courier - a website managed by Groman where political propaganda was seeded to throne the city leader.
The current Branson administration continues to violate the Missouri Constitution by failing to release documents requested under the Sunshine Law. But Branson tax payers aren't the only ones being thrown under the rug.
Competent city leaders continue to receive the ax including Presley's latest victim - Assistant City Administrator Frank Shooneboom. City leaders plan to waste a few more employees over the next few weeks.