Branson Police Department - Investigation Continues

I thank God I live in America and had two ministers to accompany me to the Branson Police Station on friday (thanks Peggy and Randall).

I wonder how many people have been harmed by the Branson Police Department who didn't know their rights or how to use the tools that ensure we continue to live in a democracy.

Digital Video cameras recorded my entry into Branson City Hall - one minister ran flank to the Branson Police Station information window while another accompanied me upstairs to where sunshine requests are usually made.

A third party within Branson City Hall kept watch as operation "Restore Democracy" continues. As I made a simple sunshine request upstairs a small army of Branson Police Officers swarmed in like they were the FBI and I was one of Gary Groman's "the spokesperson o the Presely regime" partners in a time-share scam bust. Five officers swarmed into the small room while I filled out the documents.

No warrants - no arrests - just another action to incite fear into a journalist who dares to love the American way.

For two months the Branson Police Department has engaged in acts of intimidation as a tool to block access to documents indicting the Branson Police Force isn't following the dictates of the Constitution- Chief Police Chief Carroll McCollough making personal threats - threatening phone calls from the Branson Police Department to my cell phone and posting threatening comments to my blogs which originated from Branson City Hall Computers.

The documents indicate the Branson Police Police Department has been conducting illegal searches and filing false reports - we can only hope this isn't business as usual.

I have to hand it to them - they're thorough in their work. It would take testicals of massive proportions to battle an agency of Mayor Presley this corrupt .

In late August, after Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough denied access to the files -which he's required to make available according to state statute. Troops were dispatched throughout Branson for two days going door to door pretending they were looking for me and couldn't find me. Though no warrants were issued the operation wasn't about administration of justice - it was about slander - it was about stopping the wheels of the Republic - it was about terrorizing another innocent citizen.

Of course my apartment was a block from city hall - a stone's throw - and published on over 30 documents at city hall where I have been going everyday for years to continue investigative research on the money laundering operation known as Branson's current administration.

The Presley administration needs to create a problem where none exists. They need to create the perception that "alcohol" is a major issue to institute a set of prohibitive policies that will damage Presley's financial competitors and it appears a few crooked cops and a few Godless politicians are up for the task. If they're successful severe damage to the entire Branson economy will ensue.

If you've been illegally pulled over or have or have been a victim of harassment by the Branson Police Department you can file a report at Branson City Hall or contact the Missouri Highway Patrol. Several citizens already have taken action and an investigation is being conducted. Don't be a victim - you have the right to live without fear from criminals with a badge and a gun.

To the police officers that are upholding the law and keeping Branson safe regardless of the cruelty of Chief Carroll McCollough "The Crooked"- thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping the citizens and tourists in Branson safe.