Branson Missouri Government

Having breathed freedoms sweet air my whole life - being born an American citizen it's hard for me to believe the Republic of Congo mentality of the Branson Police Department could actually exist in this great land of ours. As for me, I cannot find a greater cause this friday morning than encourage the leadership of Branson to restore adherence to the constitution - whose foundation was laid forth to keep us free from tyranny and corruption from both small armies and self-serving legislators whose fruits can only be the suffering of both citizens and the economy which provides livelihood for our families.

After making simple Sunshine requests to the Branson Police Department and continued adherence to a tradition to being forthcoming and providing advance notice to politicos whose deeds cannot be ignored for the good of the fine citizens leaders promise to protect I find myself in a complex circumstance. Such integrity was punished with outlandish pre-emptive action by Carroll McCullough and a rediculous democratic political hopeful Peter Tsahiridis.

When I print the goal of journalism is to keep us free and self-governed, I reflect the lofty sermons of Journalism professors throughout the state who use my materials to teach young students the tools available to keep the great tradition of news creation - even the 4th of state alive for another generation.

Let us not forget the our forefathers who escaped the reach of the King of England who chose to dictate both how citizens worshipped the almighty and to what extent a free press could operate. Lives were lost pursuing the civil liberties we have today and none could be quite as important as the very first amendment to our glorious constitution whose tenants Branson's government has chosen to ignore.

Some might ask, "Why was freedom of the press cited first by our forefather's as an unalienable right?". History provides the answer. The forefathers intentions were virtuous and exposure to such Godly ideals as prescribed by their written works, even the Declaration of Independence itself , threatened a government whose intentions were selfish and unbecoming to civic leadership. In essence, freedom of the press throughout the British Empire threatened exposure of the leaders folly. As a result, newsman of the time resorted to prose - fiction - to infiltrate ideals into the public debate. Unfortunately, it was not enough to stop the unnecessary incidents which took the lives of both British soldiers and American patriots alike. Contemporaries of the time believed lives could have been saved by preserving the rights of citizens to communicate peaceably through written and oral intercourse.

Come now some 232 years later Branson's new confederacy of dunces initiates tyranny in the name of Jesus Christ - a strange version - foreign to both the saints and sacred texts . The City of Branson has enacted code to assign city employees as prayer master, a false form of righteousness prescribed through new liquor laws and a police force without time for the dictates of law commanded by the state legislature.

Even the most devout atheists have a morality superior to the elected officials serving today. Such is the reason no theocracy has yet to righteously rule - through God we find freedom - through man oppression - And like so many before we find a team of self-serving bureaucrats enacting Godlessness in the name of God - no greater blasphemy has shaken the very foundation of the planet - no greater sin than mortals claiming holiness when the facts speak volumes otherwise. And no greater example have I seen then the two children being imprisoned falsely for a crime they didn't commit - one single mother and a child orphaned at the hands of our cities leadership. And no greater demonstration of unholiness visible though King Raeanne Presley - a willingness to prosecute the innocent and ignore the cries of the parentless. If the child were a Presley - no such atrocity would occur. It would seem the God they trust is apparent solely on the bills they steal from the city coffers and allocate towards their own business enterprises. As the Frenchman wouuld say, "prosque tout aimer richesses et pouvior:" (almost all men like wealth and power.)

The Branson City Administration and their counterpart - the Branson Chamber of Commerce is filled with fine - decent individuals -but collectively demonstrate the integrity of a giant rat eating the fields planted by tax payers inevitably destroying the very economy they are assigned to steward.

And yet, my job is to scribe not to be an activist with the exception of access to information that helps citizens remain free. The government of Branson's new policy of lawlessness, organized corruption, money laundering and infringement on civil liberties accessible through the very documents required by the Missouri Constitution to keep should be retrievable on request. And though by law a response to my Sunshine Requests is required in 72 hours, another two weeks have passed where the Constitution is ignored.

I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist myself needing a firsthand account in my thirst for truth - but from what I've seen over the past two months - very little could surprise me. Curiosity killed the cat but earned the reporter his wage.

It would seem the Branson Chief of Police has positioned himself as a dog protecting the citizens of Branson from information needed to assess the department. Perhaps, expressing my sentiments could help alleviate the Branson Police Department's need to send threatening phone calls, issuing false reports and collaborating with silly political wannabees - such as Peter T. I'm only trying to access the information and the City of Branson's terroristic practices have now cost significant time, money and undue damages.

I believe the people have a right to know what their government is doing in the simplest, clearest most honest way possible. Accessing citizens complaints to the police department is the nature of my request. In addition, opening the documents and transcripts of police activity as the law demands and filling the City of Branson's obligation to those they promise to serve benefits all of us. In the event the police chief was just being a nuisance rather than a common criminal covering up the tracks of his mob cohorts would be beneficial.

As for me and mine - my family has evaded Egyptian Pharaohs, King Herod and the third Reich. Certainly the corruption and threats of a third rate inbred political structure is small in the scheme of things - but it means everything to me as I pursue the goal of obtaining truth and dispersing it to the citizens whose responsibility it is to manage and ensure the reign of kings does not return and threaten the soverity of our community.

I can only ask and hope that the practice of the City of Branson of urinating on the American Flag and begins to subside rediculous threats and report returning to common sense, common decency and restore the spirit of the text placed on the side of the Branson Police Vehicles - integrity - which today - the leadership of Branson so severely lacks