The right to remain silent

As I secretly told Ross Summers, and Dan Lennon to help the poor mother who was being unfairly persecuted in the name of "Jesus Christ Lights" - I reserved my right to remain silent.

As a mother of 14 filed a report against a Branson Police Officer - I reserved my right to remain silent.

As a politician defended sex offenders - I reserved my right to remain silent.

After I received threats from the Branson Police Department - After I watched Lennon, Summers and Presley do nothing about the single mom whose life is ruined - After I watched these individuals to this in the name of God - I couldn't and can't with good conscience remain silent.

I believe Carroll McCollough will do whatever it takes to silence me - including my life with his weapons and consider his verbal statements and actions a real threat - however - I'd rather die doing the right thing then remain silent while the citizens of Branson are being robbed from, threatened and treated in an unjust manner.

It's come to my attention that certain politicians are posting the same repeated slander in an attempt to discredit my factual statements. These posts will be moved to a place where slander is allowed - however - I don't feel a need to facilitate corruption, fraud and untruth - particularly if it isn't generated in an interesting way.

In addition, some posts will be edited to "clean up the language" many find offensive.

I do however find it appropriate - when the Mayor of Branson consciously allows the most vulnerable citizens to be harmed good reason to shout and good reason to shout loudly.

The only reporter who is covering politics - Gary Groman - seems to use God's name only in vain - has no integrity - and repeatedly endorses his business partners. There is a long history of dishonor with this man and if you believe a word he says you've been duped. He won't debate publically and he refuses to be a man of true report. Read him with caution - challenge him regarding his involvement with time-share fraud and hold the journalism community accountable - including me!

I won't remain silent and I won't delete posts made in an appropriate manner - but, I won't support political campaigns made anonymously - without the integrity the citizens deserve from their reporters and their leaders.

The city coffers are being emptied, sunshine requests denied and money being laundered in Branson for political favor. It's time "We" take a stand for the future of the community.

Why death threats are being tracked - comments will be closed. This blog is being opened to members of the community that want to post and open posting/comments for registered users - always. Send an email if you want permission to post.