Liquor in Branson - Presley says Sex Offenders OK - Free Market/Responsible Government Not Ok

The Branson Police Department admitted in an open meeting that a mere five minute check could help determine whether or not an employee working at a bar had a history of sexual offences. Police Chief Carroll McCollough admitted on the public record that such a check was standard during routine pullovers. The reality of actually keeping Branson safe in a responsible way didn't help Presley's political career thus a 48 page document was created instead - another huge expense to taxpayers - or should we start calling Branson taxes - Presley's Personal Purse.

The strategy of licensing an ever-changing flock of temporary workers would have been a responsible move - but Dictator Raeanne Presley has shown little respect for taxpayer funds issuing millions to her political allies. The common theme for Presley is hatred for competition - disposition for a new crop of investors who reject inbred politics. It's been a long rise to power worthy of a soap opera.

Presley's rise to power is marked with corruption starting with Alderman Sandra Williams who as a city employee perpetually leaked documents to politician Raeanne Presley after voters rejected Presley's first bid for Mayor. The triumvirate of Presley, Gary Groman and Sandra Williams is marked with lives ruined - depots.

During Branson.con, Groman's partner drained the life savings of innocent tourists through a time-share scam. The Groman's continue selling time-share on a message board where slanderous posts are made against political enemies and those who Groman hates the most - ministers.

In Jefferson City Presley worked vigorously to slow down the economy badmouthing businessmen who weren't allied with Presley Industries.

Groman made a series of sideshows pretending to be a reporter while working as a subversive politicians - colors just now beginning to show through as money-laundering activities are repeatedly ignored - playing a cheerleader and collaborating and promoting the illegal activities of a regime whose banner is hatred - anyone who isn't inbred.

The Republicans at the state level rejected Presley and so she started bankrolling liberal democrats to gain allies - a move she continues today stuffing the pockets of anyone who'll help her elevate out of Branson and onto a higher stage- last donation - Jay Nixon.

Presley - To gain allies- the Branson economy is drained pimped out to special interests - the city has record income with millions flowing. The money flows out everywhere except to the residents of Branson - except to those who truly own the purse strings. One resident begs - "Are we going to start holding meetings at Skaggs Hospital?"

Even Skaggs, under Presley rule iwas stained with the highest death rates the facility has ever experienced. Wicked leaders = wicked results.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt wouldn't even shake her hand on the last two visits to Branson ignoring her - shunning her for her behaviour at the capital. His actions demonstrate how detestable he holds her.

Alas, even with record income - taxes at an all time high - tourists are beginning to reject the Presley Inbred Jubilee. They want the Branson Landing - they want something new and though the majority of resources are spent to promote the dusty theaters with comedy routines which make fun of Branson's poorest residents, the tourists are beginning to reject these shows - to Presley's dismay. An increase of funding in the millions responding with a 2.7% overall drop. Sales tax up - Presley's down.

So the tourists are punished. The tourists are punished through the Presley regime for not bowing down. The tourists are punished with limitations legislated by Presley specifically to thwart the success of the Branson Landing. Specifically to limit competition - specifically to limit freedom - specifically to regulate and discourage free enterprise. To thwart the competition King Presley has fought so hard against - in Branson - in Jefferson City and through her illegal "Canvassing Practices" - through her illegal attainment of an e-mail databases through the city website - through illegal search and seizure - through denial of the Missouri Constitution which doesn't permit the closed government practices branded by the current administration.

Forget probable cause cries the Branson Police Chief - and a record number of tickets are issued. They'll teach those tourists! How dare they have a beer instead of paying $36 to hear "Fake Christians" shout praises at the Presley Inbred Country Jubilee.

But most telling of all is the employees of the Presley theater who whisper their hatred in fear of retribution. Poverty is what King Raeanne Presley has given them - no insurance - no benefits - unless they breed with the family they have very little rights.

And so comes the liquor ordinance - the anti-Branson Landing - anti-tourism - anti-free market economy initiative where it's legal for child molesters to serve alcohol - but where Presley's competitors have to report their every move to King Presley herself . After all, if they aren't visiting the Presley theatre - what good are they?

Still, it's better the tourists suffer in the name of Presley than the last child Mayor Reanne Presley helped ruin in the name of Jesus Christ