Kansas City Mayor Funk

From Kansas City
The photo you see above is "The City of Branson Official Guide" with Kansas City Mayor Funkhouser under heavy stress from Kansas City's latest political fiasco - aka "Mammygate" - where for a moment - it seems - the record death rates - 46% increase in rape of and the fact there hasn't been a murder reported in the Kansas City Police Eastern Division in two days is something being bragged about about - was overshadowed by a vote determining whether or not the Mayor's wife could volunteer at city hall.
Racial divide seems the common denominator characteristic of the urban layout - the once bustling strict east of main is as dark in color as despair - poverty - crack - rape - murder - and tension over accusations the Mayor's Wife's, a now rejected volunteer (city council overturned the mayor's veto last night) reference to a city employee as Mammie.
The Holy Grail of Kansas City Politics is a light rail system - of which - according to our interview - the Funkster promised to deliver on. Either way, when you wake up in the morning and on the front page is something - perhaps not so flattering - it tends to hamper your day.
In midtown, one of subjects I've been following passed away. His death wasn't reported and I've had trouble getting information since I only know him as Captain Dan. Having lost most of his toes last winter he'd been wheelchair bound. A local philanthropist who assists the chronically homeless - Mr. Woo - was working on purchasing Dan a new wheelchair.