I Am My Brother's Keeper

What does it mean to be our brother's keeper?

What does it mean to love our neighbor's?

My thoughts and prayers are focused on these topics today. Last night I chatted briefly with Heather Turner to discuss the transfer of owed funds. I was informed she needed to purchase school books and would be stealing the money for a while longer. As a result, my phone will be down for a couple of days and food will be scarce.

What is the proper response?

Today is the 14th day of 40 with the Homeless. On Sunday, as a missionary tool I handed out free water - a metaphor for grace. Some took the free water, some didn't.

Hate mail is on the rise as apparent through the comments. It's amazing that five extremely corrupt individuals being exposed could cause such an upheaval!

Gary Groman still hasn't revealed his direct involvement in the Larry Miltion, Raeanne Presley Branson.com time-share fraud scandal.

Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough still hasn't sang I'm a little teapot to save the carreer of one of his officers.

It's sad how far people will go to avoid saying two little words, "I'm sorry".