Eric Farris - Branson Alderman - Conflict of Interest

Jack Purvis noted Eric Farris was not on city council at the time the city purchased the land from the Australians thus no conflict of interest occurred.

Though Purvis may be correct that Farris was not on city council at the time the land was purchased - we want to note that he was on city council when closed door discussions occurred involving the acquisition of land which was eventually purchased by the city.

Farris gave confidential information to his father-in-law also known as "the man with his penis surgically attached to his face" to rape city coffers at a substantial cost to taxpayers. The land was negotiated and then sold to the city. Farris cost the city a great deal of money laundered back to his family through insider knowledge as an elected steward of the city.

Since Farris was working for his family rather than the citizens we withhold their was a major conflict of interest.

In addition, Farris has failed to respond to our call proving he's a coward unqualified to serve as a publicly elected leader.

Actual Purchase amounts to come