Calling Out Eric Farris

Eric, I traced some slanderous posts back to your office. Be a man - stand up - you've been a coward long enough.

If you want money at any costs - keep defending child molesters - If you want to be a leader - change - consider justice not sophistry - otherwise you're a curse on the community if you hold public office.

We need people that are willing to protect our children not hurt them. I understand everyone needs protection under the law - but this isn't God's law. And we need leaders that aren't willing to do anything for a buck. As long as you're making cash off people hurting little kids - don't even run for office - don't.

In school we're taught that the Greeks invented philosophy; this of course is false. The Hebrews invented Philosophy. Philosophy is the study of Wisdom.

As my Great Grandfather many generations backed professed in the Bible, "Fear of God is the beginning of knowledge". The Judicial system as defined in the Book of Leviticus was ruled by priests - Judges in the Hebrew system were born - selected by God.

In the Hebrew system those who hurt little children were put to death.The Greeks celebrated and institutionalized pedophilia.

The Greeks Homosexualized the system of Justice. Under the Greek system women weren't really viewed as important other than for breeding. When Socrates was to be sentenced he didn't even acknowledge his wife nor attempt to limit her suffering. The Greeks viewed women as lacking reason. True love they viewed was between men and to create the Athenian Homosexual society they systematically abused young boys at an early age.

The Gods in the Greek system were somewhat of a joke, but the rituals at the temples involved perverse acts as well including prostitutes who carried diseases passed virally among cult believers.

While the Hebrew system required citizens to stand before judges the Greek system involved professional liars - ie Sophists - whose job was to create the best argument to avoid prosecution.

Both the Hebrew and Greek cultures have attributes that we utilize in our judicial system today. In my opinion, the Hebrew system of wise judges ordained by the God of Abraham who worked for free to hear a case beats a system where a Sophist is hired for great sums of cash. The former seems to promise greater justice.

Oh yeah, less children were harmed in the process.