Branson Police and Peter Tsahiridis

Later this week we'll be posting the correspondence from the Branson Police Department due to popular demand.

The Branson Police Department detained me after demanding I report to Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough. Being he didn't have a warrant nor reason to detain me the e-mail was ignored.

McCollough, as he did in December threatened to detain me if I reported on the Branson Governments documented corrupt activity. This was done without probable cause.

Threats ensued directly from the Branson Police Department which were tracked back to the Branson Police Department phone line.

A report was issued by Democrat Candidate Peter Tsahiridis in the wake of a discussion on a public street where Tsahiridis was criticized for making anti-Semitic remarks. Usually, these types of discussions are kept off the record in hopes the politicians will change their behavior. Tsahiridis was also asked for antibiotics for an eye infection.

The cowardly politician decided to file a false report to the police department under the direction of McCollough.

Tsachiridis has made many outlandish statements during this campaign season regarding "Aliens and the Lost City of Atlantis", justification for the murder of Hebrews and a theory that time is moving more rapidly.

During a medical evaluation a doctor looked at Tsacharidis's statement and laughed questioning, "Is this guy a Democrat".

It's understood that Tsachiridis made additional threats to a business owner after submitting the ridiculous false report in collaboration with the Branson Police Department.

McCollough is trying his hardest to hold the document due to the fact it's so revealing.