Branson Leaders Leave Child Parentless

Reports from the courthouse confirm Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley and the Branson Chamber of Commerce have allowed a single mother to go to prison over damage done to tax funded Christmas Lights.

The young lady sat in the backseat while two other teenagers did extensive damage to the lights six years ago. Under threat of prison one child has been forced to make monthly payments or face jail time. The young lady is a single mother whose child is now left parentless.

Instead of forgiving or correcting the fatherless teenagers the young woman seating in the backseat - who had little to do with the incident is being forced to pay the entire $45,000. The young woman has already paid over a third of the bill (Over $15,000) and had trouble continuing payments.

The issue was brought up in a city council meeting and Presley openly ignored the cry for the young girl. The incident has shown the true Anti-Christ spirit of Raeanne Presley and how far she'll go in the name of politics.
There isn't a foul word in the English language to describe the hideousness of the Branson leaders who've allowed this to happen.
This is an embarrassment to Branson city leaders who are well aware of and refuse to remedy the situation but do a great job lining their own pockets.

I'm done covering up for your perverse behavior. May God have mercy on you. Special thanks to the local media who've helped ignore this child's cry.

Informed Polticos:
Ross Summers - 6 months looking into the matter
Dann Lennon - 7 months looking into the matter
Raeanne Presley - 6 monts busy laundering money
Gary Groman - Busy worshiping Presley & lying about finances
Charlie Gerken - ?
Darin Codon - Secretly asking leaders to help the child