Branson Government Runs Sideshow To Block Exposure of Incompetence

Branson Government Officials have systematically eliminated city employees that have dared demonstrate feats of competence since a new regime took office nearly a year ago. Reporting according to the dictates of his pocketbook, Gary Groman, aka "The Dirty Birdl" has been playing "Branson Minister of Misinformation and Propaganda" scoring an assist with the political execution of ex Lathrop and Gage Attorney Paul Link just two weeks ago.
A series of unsuccessful witch hunts intending to undermine the achievements and hard work of Branson's past city leaders came not only at a high cost to taxpayers but has also introduced consultants with questionable credentials and experience. Lucrative contracts inspired by political favors has left the financial IT (Information Technology) skill sets lacking. As a result, anyone with information and expertise utilizing the legacy system for counting city cash flow and assets is no longer on city staff promising more wasteful spending to hire consultants or ex-employees.
The current city of Branson Board of Alderman has proven great efficiency in spending millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses and no way to count just how miserable a failure the current fiscal policies of the city are.