Branson Church of the "Reformed" Crooked Cop

Branson Police Department - take heed - listen as I deliver "Weapons of Mass Instruction."

You have twice disrupted my prayers - laying hands on me while I summon the great El on private property. Fools!

Bullet proof vests, night goggles you have but no weapon can silence the will of my father.

Last week I received threatening phone calls originating from the police station and an faggots attorney's cell phone. "The Branson Police Won't Help!", said a man who sounded like Eric Willis speaking through a fan.

Since the faggot attorney would be disbarred for his actions he's been handed over to the local legal community. I'll let them deal with him appropriately. Personally, I like the guy, he's good with narcotics defense, "Blunts Anyone?"

Memebers of the Evil Dictator Raeanne Presleys Army
Do not follow the example of sissy boy Carroll McCoullough refusing to hand over documents indicting corrupt politicians!

Do not search people without probable cause. These are my brothers and sisters, children of God bestowed unalienable rights granted by God but respected by men through the blood of our forefathers.

You have been pulling people over between the hours of 12AM and 3AM with false reports of events you have not witnessed. The story is always the same and multiple reports have been filed by the public. You claim to have seen a car swerving - usually where they haven't been driving.

I understand 2:00 AM is a time people leave bars but this does not constitute probable cause. To cover your actions up you've delivered threats, posted nasty commentary and solicited the help of a faggot attorney.

What you do not know is that I have been negotiating with your enemies behind closed doors. The Branson Army is a petty army and though you threaten to not protect me i plea to a higher authority. Men of law love me; because I love Justice. You too should learn to love justice. Fear Guns? Not I. Fear God - but right now this is too high for you. Fear me because I have loved you more. Because I spare you undeserving pieces of dung at my Rabbi's request.

When you meet a youth that finds himself in jail - ask for his dad. If he doesn't have one; you'd be wise to call me. Do not touch me with your filthy hands, particularly your women. It is against my religion to allow unclean women to touch me.

You know a bit about law enforcement and little about the Justice System - a system I have studied my whole life. Wise Judges comprise the history of my family. The law is not yours. You are but a steward, a servant of higher men who can just as easily convict you. Jail? I've been begging the Taney County Sheriff and Branson Police Department to let me into the jails to pray. I do not fear your tazers, vests, batons, guns, riot gear. But through the law we all fall short, so the new law is love.

Of course you are not worthy, to me you are like dirty tampons wearing a badge. We live in a Republic; a Constitutional Democracy - Justice is not yours to fulfill. Just as easily I can disarm your weapons with a restraining order and try you in front of elected judges. You are but peons with guns. A mere nuisance to "the man with the biggest balls in the world". But though your wives seek me - do not fear - I will not touch them - they are as filthy as you to me. I like pure women for wives - clean. Yours kill their own children and call it a civil rights - by the law, your rights should be aborted.

Since you have followed the dictates of King Presley - who denies the cries of suffering children - you owe me an apology. When you arrest me while I'm praying, you make a public statement that you are greater than God. Wait until I'm finished and bring me to your army General Chief Carroll McCollough. By doing this, you show that you too are humble to the almighty God.

To the officer that has been falsely filing reports the faggot attorney cannot help you, but I can. I've been pleading to the Mother of 14 Children you disrespected in front of her son. You assumed she was drunk, created fake evidence and terrorized this family. But the mother is forgiving - she's convinced a 40 page essay on respect and a verbal apology is enough.

She is kinder than I.

You are to dress in nice clothing and respectfully ask for her forgiveness. If her children are ever in need - she should know she can personally call on you to plea her case to the powers that are.

An email is in que to the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol. It's delayed for 12 days and likely to result in an investigation - which I will demand if you do not clean up your act.

Mr. Carroll McCollough - your sins are especially raunchy. You have accused and imprisoned an innocent man - me.

You can fuck with single moms, bastard children, homeless people - you do all these - but you were dumb enough to threaten a journalist - a purveyor of truth - a watchdog against facism.

As a result, you must sing "I'm a little teapot" in front of your troops. I will personally hold three officers personally accountable to testify if you have properly repented. I reckon you ougtta listen.

Now gentlemen and gentleladies with guns and uniforms. If you are saved through grace - good - great - eternal life is yours. But, if you want prosperity on this planet love justice, love the law - fear God.

********Ron Davis of KSPR********
You do not have approval to discuss this story. You were terrorized by the accusation delivered but you didn't stand up. I need the Bob Finical file, please help by faxing the probable cause statement to 800-520-0852

Have a nice day!