40 Days and 40 Nights With Missour's Homeless - Day 18

From Kansas City
When we look at at the Homeless on the Street we often think of them as "others" rarely as a brother or sister of a common father-in-heaven - rarely as someone we could possibly be. I've been shooting photos of Andre today and have been documenting a few of the people that I've spent time with.
At this point, in the Kansas City Midtown area I'm familiar with most of the people living on the street. I'm reminded daily that they allow me to survive - keep the possessions I have and keep me safe through prayer and physical safety. In exchange I provide food and whatever resources I can why I'm here. We have a symbiotic relationship.
Until Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough allowed officers to threaten my life, I didn't ever really think I could be one of these people. Until McCollough and Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley suspended the rights of the United States and Missouri Constitution I figured as a journalist I'd be protected. I now know what a Godless regime can mean to the people oppressed by wicked leaders and what the suspension of a free-press can mean.
I feel fortunate, blessed and have been provided for in ways I can't thank God enough for. I have an abundance of food, clothing and shelter from the storms that are plaguing the homeless here. Churches and libraries offer temporary shelter - a safe haven from Kansas City's fifth season - here in KC there is Summer - Winter - Spring - Fall and Monsoon.
Though it has been raining constantly - the rain is warm. It's winter I'm most worried about. On Sunday I'll be recieving the first round of Freeze Proof blankets - a church is providing them after hearing my cry. If anyone in Branson has a mummy bag they're willing to donate - you could keep a fellow child-of-God alive this winter.

For a full size image see the Branson Edge Photoblog - Andre Sleeps Under Kansas City Bridge