Skaggs Hospital - Experimenting On Human Beings

A representative of Skaggs hospital neither confirmed or denied reports that children were being experimented on at the hospital.

An anonymous source said, "we were experimenting for the good of science."

Council of Baby Killers (Abortionists) with MD Degrees said, "We use to not get away with this stuff!". Thank heavens Presely is Mayor!

Long Live Presley


A critique of medical science and the merger of Branson's political interests and those on the board of directors at Skaggs Medical Center.

No organization in the Branson area is sued more often for wrongful death (murder). No one would disagree that Branson needs a regional medical center but many question what organization should be managing such a facility. Missouri's Online Court Filing System shows nearly 300 actions still on file through the Taney County Circuit (38th).

On the international level, many have argued against the use of data obtained by medical experiments conducted by Germany during World War II.