Digital Filibuster

The only man that has made any sense to me this week is Ted Cunningham.

I love Ted.

In the hardest most troubling moments of my life in Branson, Missouri Ted has been there. He's

When I look at my life in Branson I cannot ignore the timeline between his and my life. Since 50,000 people will read this - few who know Ted Cunningham - Ted a pastor in Branson. He writes books and serves the most upstanding members of the community. He humbles himself in an entertaining way that people are really moved by. It's

Ted brings joy to the congregation and to Branson. He inspires families to be joyful, prosperous, blessed. Ted is a good reporter - a man of good report.

On the day of my first daughter's birth Ted also had his first child. The facts of our lives change drastically at this point.

Let no man argue, Ted and I have the same calling. Both Ted Cunningham and Darin Codon are called first and foremost to be ambassadors of God.

Ted's reality is far different than I for obvious reasons. So let me say this, Ted is blessed because he does the right things, Darin does not. Now - wait - hold it - we all fall short...right?

If you stopped Ted on the street, he would deny this - in fact, he's doing a series on the Ten Commandments - each week a different one.

Last week was "Thou Shall Not Kill." The reporter in me (and I'm done being a reporter for a while) finds serious flaw in his discussion of politics - which is documentabally far less than mine and gets him in trouble - he succeeded in his goal - reminding me what's important.

While I spend my days in courts, city hall, parties with governors, senators, congressman, men of law - Ted helps people love one another.

I write news - I create media - You don't need me - You need Ted.

But I'm more popular, why?

Me? I help people think about the events that are happening everywhere around them. I document, record and report. Ted listens, advises and conceals.

As an expert in Government, Law and Journalism - our lives run parrallel.

Until this last week I wrote news - Not now - I'm doing what's called a Digital Filibuster. But normally, users to this site expect to see what's happening in the community. I post thousands of photos, recordings, stories, court documents, records. Men of strength in the community read me daily - in fact - one of five in Ted Cunninghams church. (I'm also an expert on Web traffic, user behavior and analysis).

When Ted walks into a room - people smile. In fact, by the law of man - in any Judicial Circuit, Ted Cunningham has special protection to have the ability to conceal sin.

By law, as a journalist, my duty is to be a custodian of fact and report the unbiased truth to the best of my ability - thoroughly and completely through the science of documentation. Not to brag, but I'm actually very good at - too good at it perhaps.

The amount of materials we digest are biblical in size, and we have to condense, combine and reiterate the truth to the best of our ability.

Nothing in this post is true except this:


Powerful men love Ted.
Powerful men fear me.

Some of the visitors to this website are so afraid they speak anonymously. 38th Associate Circuit Court Judge Tony Williams asked me why I let people do that.

Well Tony, my job is to give voice to the voiceless. And if they need to slander, lie, hit-me, threaten me, hide while they throw rocks - GOOD.

They should be outraged.

They should be outraged because we fail to love one another. Here in Branson - one of the most awesome - greatest - peaceful - joyful - wealthiest - blessed communities on the planet we have a shortage of love.

To me, it's not only sad, it's maddening. In fact, one of the greatest joys in my lifetime was with a member of Ted's congregation - Stephen Marshall. If you think Marshall was innocent during Ted's last meeting - ask him if he's ever wanted to kill Darin Codon?

You see, while Love is the only reality I cannot report it. Think about it.

Love Stock is taking a 25% decline in Branson while tourism decreased 5% Analysts predict 45% more violence. 15% jump in fatherlessness and a record 3000% increase in fear.
I believe (In Associated Press AP Format you never write I) we're experiencing a shortage of love and it's killing me inside. It bothers me that our community doesn't see the significance of it.

You see, one child is suffering in Branson and the fact this child is suffering has everything to do with the fact that Christians aren't taking enough stock in love and too much with their wallets. Now gentlemen, perhaps this is too harsh to say Christians when the reality is something much different. The reality is - WE - all of us - have a part in this one.

Some years ago, three very troubled fatherless teens took a joyride and angrily destroyed $45,000 worth of tax-funded Christmas Decorations.


How appalling right? Maybe we should ask think. Those of us in this community lucky enough to have a father and mother that love you be greatful, be joyfull.

How about this headline:

Fathers step up to the plate, jails empty - United States Citizens in Awe of City on Hill.

And Ted - thank you for bringing my family joy. We're lucky to have you. And we're lucky to have a reason to celebrate Christmas in Branson.