New Taney County Jail Will Not Help Inmates - Opinion/Editorial by Terese Bertini

The new jail opening will not help the inmates. They will be moving sick inmates to the new jail. Some of those inmates have Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA a
type of Staph Infection. Anyone can look this up on google. It took 8 days to get medical treatment. My son asked for medical emergency, it took 8 days to be seen by a Doctor, The LPN can't diagnose this it needs to be tested. So for those eight days he has pus and blood running down his leg contaminating everyone and everything. The nurse wouldn't even give him a bandage. After he got to see a doctor the doctor had to perform minor
surgery to cut out the infected area. Now while all this is going on I (his mother ) am 4000 miles away and my only contact is via collect phone calls. He showed the area to others and they told him it looked like a spider bite (Brown Recluse) so now I'm getting worried. I contacted the Jail and told them that they might have a spider problem( that took 14 days to get the jail sprayed) and yes there are Brown Recluse in the jail as my son killed one and has had a picture of it sent to me. I call numerous times to the Correctional Officers, the nurse and to Jimmie Russell checking on my son's health, the nurse assured me that she changed his bandage every day. Well that couldn't happen as she was off on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday of every week. The bandage was supposed to be changed by the CO's if he could get one to do it if not he would try to get a bandage and have another inmate
change it as it was in a place he couldn't reach. It took 17 days for him to have follow up care from a doctor and to get the report that it wasn't a Brown Recluse bite but MRSA. I didn't ask for special treatment just decent medical humane treatment. Now there are those left behind with MRSA that will spread it to the new Jail. This is deplorable treatment of
inmates. Our dogs in Alaska get better medical treatment that my son did at Taney County Jail.

Terese Bertini
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