Branson Candy Mafia Don Threatens "Fake Journalist" Darin Codon

Brad Logsdon threatened to Kick Darin Codon's ass today for disrespecting his momma back in January. Logsdon said, "He gave my momma his word and didn't follow through as promised"

Brad's momma owner of the Branson Candy Downtown Branson Mafia threatened to bring a list of demands to the Chicago Dog Stand later this afternoon.

Darin Codon reportedly peed his pants and said, "I'm glad it wasn't Mike Rankin" and "I wish I wasn't a wussy".

It is rumoured Darin Codon called Mike Rankin who could obviously been the living daylights out of him an "ass" at Starbucks Branson Landing. Rankin was reported to have turned around and spurt, "Thats right, you have the power of the pen".

Darin Codon refused to comment on the story.