Dukes of Hazzard With Branson Writer and Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough

Branson Police Chief Carroll McCollough threatened to have me "incarcerated" if I went to city hall while renderings of a new prison facility were being created" less than a week before I was detained as threatened. No rights were read, no official arrest was made.
Information requests about corrupt activity conducted by his "army" installed fear into the "hillbilly general" and repeated denials of Sunshine Requests a statement by Presley and McCollough shouted -" The constitution is not valid in Branson. " and "your God is nothing". Apparently God's name can only be used in Branson to promote the Presley theater and prosecute single mothers.
Hick writer Darin Codon played "Dukes of Hazard" sending the Chief of Police on a wild goose chase while priestly duties, including the performance of a marriage were conducted. Every business posted recieved a visit from McCollough's soldiers.
The immense integrity of what is now the most viewed news source in Branson, Missouri conjured fear into the gun totting arm of King Presley - oppressor of little children - and supporter of the "Wicked Bird".
Parody posts sent armed soldiers of the "Branson Police Force/Army" to businesses throughout Branson after an email commanding the Branson Blogger's exercise of free speech to stop blogging and immediately come to his office.
The threat was similar to the one issued on December 2007 entitled "Good Cop - Bad Cop" where the Branson Writer found corruption in the Hollister Police Force and began uncovering corruption in the Branson :

What if a police chief is corrupt? The answer to this question makes patriots shiver in their boots. Nothing can be more dangerous. Let me draw a metaphor. If man is born free than police organizations are small armies. The head of an army is the king. The king directs the army by instructing the general. In the city-state model the police chief is the general. If, for example, the Mayor has participated in corrupt activity - such as violating the Missouri Ethics Commission guidelines for campaigning, she might tell the police chief to harm an innocent man to avoid the pain she'll have to endure through the press. A wicked and corrupt chief could deal with this scenario by discrediting the reporter.The best way to discredit the reporter would be to a. set the honest reporter up by framing him with a crime or b. creating a fake police report and demanding he be evaluated by a medical doctor. The medical doctor would be the judge in an alternative legal system. Civil rights would not apply. In the parallel system, because only an accusation is made, the doctor has 72 hours to determine one of three things:
1. Violent and a danger to society 2. Suicidal - a danger to himself 3. Homeless - unable to take care of food, clothing and shelterFew people truly believe in God and society by default is Agnostic which means "you cannot know whether or the existence of God is provable. As a writer, by default, I have to pretend their is no god to be an unbiased custodian of fact. If I say there is a God, the Doctor can certify me, the patient, crazy and take away my civil rights. The patient could be anyone who challenges the government.Proving he's able to take care of food, clothing and shelter is near impossible. Most citizens believe in Doctor's more than God therefore if the patient says, "Call my friend Joe - he will feed and clothe me", the Doctor can call Joe and tell him that the patient, Joe's friend, will be harmed if he doesn't take a heavy narcotic. The doctor believes, through faith, that the narcotic will cure the patient - or at least he has plausible deniability as a "priest of the religion of science". Joe can then be convinced by the doctor that he's "acting in his friends best interest by not providing food clothing and shelter to his friend." The patient's reputation will be marked and the corrupt police chief can have the patient arrested at will when the doctor releases him to the public." Sanity is hard to prove. Thank God we have good cops who hate corruption.

Fake Reporters who regularly take bribes never reported the incident.

In true "Boss Hog" fashion after dispatching an email demanding the blogger quit utilizing his constutional rights; Codon issued posts causing "McCulloughGaputty" to spend taxpayer dollars dispatching armed men to hunt Codon down.

Codon posted parody stories sending the police chief - at taxpayer expense - all over town.

Here's the catch:

He sent people everywhere I sent him! Say there is a candy mafia - bam - three officers appear at the candy store. Talk about beer at Waxy O'Sheas - bam - the storm troopers come marching in. This ensued for nearly two days with the assistance of HCW Orange Coat Petty Army.

It makes you wonder how much the operation costed - $10,000?

The police eventually handcuffed Darin Codon while he was on his knees praying to the almighty God - which Reanne Presley obviously hates - guess it interferes with Money Laundering Operations.

Check it,

Prophecy Fullfilled

Darin Codon

(In exile in Kansas City, MO)

Photo by Darin Codon - Sculpture at the Plaza in front of Starbucks Kansas City