Darin Manipulates Again

Dear Darin,

Since you like to post letters to people on your site, I thought this would suffice:

Darin only becomes a child when confronted with these things. He calls women cunts and bitches. He is always asking for help, help, help. Well, Darin, I've been telling you this for a long time-- get on your own damned feet yourself. Isn't this also why you hate me? Because I have been telling you that since I had to practically wipe your ass for you in Iowa? A grown man for pete's sake! How does a grown man get into THIS much trouble? You are a trouble maker, Darin. So, get off your "I'm a Jewish Priest" high horse. Because when you continue to throw around the words cunt, murderous, bitch and whore.... Well, that's not what jesus would do, lets just say that. Most of the time I have known you, it has been the world against Darin all the time.
I will not help a 'fellow journalist' who continues to get himself into more bullshit. Your 'help' amounts to helping you legally and helping you nail all the people plotting against you.

Oh yeah, and the work for me for free part? I am just supposed to jump, like the other ladies- whenever YOU say so? NO QUESTIONS ASKED? I am just supposed to get this and get that-- and I have refused. I refused to get that police report for you too. You demanded it in an email out of the blue. You didn't ask. You told. Get it your DAMNED SELF. No one wants to be your beat reporter after all the stunts you have pulled. And believe it or not you cannot just say whatever the 'fuck' you want to say (as you so eloquently put it when I requested you remove me and information about me on the site).

Why don't you just pay $4 for this 'police report' that has not been produced?
Why haven't you removed me from this site as I have asked repeatedly?

I hope that you will take down this site. I hope you can get treated for your mental illness.

Ps. I am unable to edit or delete any of the posts made by Darin, as for some reason, he has overlooked that he left me on as a contributor some time ago.