Darin Codon Prepares Debate For Debate with Gary Groman

In my profession, the first four are the only ones we really need to keep. Because we live in a free society, the other six are enforced by man.
Because the last six are by man, as a man, I can seek legal remedy over the actions taken by other men that cause me to do these things.
I believe I am entitled to a legal judgement from Gary Groman or Gary Groman affilliated enterprises under the law

Darin Codon directly accuses Gary Groman of the following crimes:

2. Do Not Make Any Idols - The Image of a Seagull is an Idol. (Not Punishable)
3. Do Not Misuse the Name of God (Not Punishable)
4. Keep the Sabbath Day Hoy (Not Punishable)
5. Honour your father and mother ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
8. Do Not Steal ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
9. Do Not Lie ($$$$$Darin Gets$$$$$)
10. Do no Covet (Not Punishable)