Branson Police Department Plot Against "Outlaw" Blogger

The corrupt and indignnant Branson Police Department is refusing to send a copy of a false report filed by "wannabe" city leader Peter Tsacharidis.

The rediculous report filed by the "so called Democrat" came in the wake of a street debate where Tsacharidis had his feelings hurt. Tsacharidis was asked to repay the debt owed for completing a web site which only 125 dollars has been paid for:

Here is the correspondence from the Branson Police:

Sunshine Request:

This is Darin Codon. Please FAX to 800-520-0852 the police report filed by Peter
Tsacharidis regarding my "Trespasses Against Him".

The report was
filed last week. Send my thanks to Mr. McCollough for fullfilling my sunsine
Here is the reponse from the Police Department

A copy of the incident report that you have requested is in our files.
However, we do require that a copy charge of $4.00 and a self-addressed stamped
envelope be sent to this department before we can forward the report to
you. If paying by check please include your driver’s license number and
state of issuance on the check.

Thank you for your
cooperation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
me at (417) 337-8532.

Yo - T - Got This - take a picture of this docunment for me - they're going to love this in Jefferson City. Go to the police station and get the report. Freakin' comedy!

This report is hilarious. It includes references to Branson.Con Scandal Fiscal Beneficiary/Reporter Gary Groman, "Defender of Child Molesters" Attorney Eric Farris and Farris's father-in-law who made out with a huge sum of money when Farris fed him inside information on the land purchases relating to the Branson Landing. Farris was a Branson City Alderman at the time.

It feels good to have a clear conscience. I thank God I'm not a descendent of Greek Child Molesters like Socrates. They make great food though! Yummy....

This is a day of forgiveness. Anyone who has trespassed upon me can fax an apology that will be published 1-800-520-0852. You can avoid injunctive relief by being an honest person today. God loves you - everyone else thinks........