Branson Police Chief Plans Large Jail at Will of Ms. Reanne Preslsey

Branson Mayor Raeanne Presely who censored the following cartoon at Branson Government's Last City Council Meeting has allowed General Carroll McCollough to restrain journalists who attempt to take photos of a work session on the second floor of Branson City Hall.

Last Week, Darin Codon decided to take a photo of the work session when McCullough ordered his right hand man to call an officer. The officer's job was to "warn" Darin he was trespassing.

Without getting into deep political ideology - there is only one rule - the world belongs to God.

In the beggining there was Adam. God must have loved him because he built something whose beauty was so far beyond anything else that he would follow her even to death. Eve wasn't like Adam. First off, the world was given to adam not to Eve.
Eve was so beautiful Adam couldn't resist the temptation of her. Though God loved him, her beauty was enough to seduce him into disobeying God.
Wow....yeah. This is no trivial thing. Few people on this planet know God. If you did, you wouldn't think for one second that loving justice is a crime (pssst. It isn't)