Branson Missouri Blogger takes Refuge in Kansas City

Last Friday August 15th, 2008 at approx. 10:15 Branson Army General / Police Force Leader Carrol McCollough issued a warning that if I, Darin Patrick Codon, dared enter city hall that I would be detained on a 92 hour hold. As a result, I began a digital filabuster. McCollough was promised that I would not enter city hall for 7 days. Unfortunately, the Branson Chief of Police didn't like the content of my blog and had me detained for evaluation in Vernon County Missouri.
I was approached while speaking to a youngster about God - apparently an illegal action under the Dictatorial Rule of Reanne Presley, who has been illegally pilfering city funds for her own political gain. She's been able to do this due to an irresponsible and bribed press who have acted hatefully, with ego and general disregard for the welfare of the citizens of Branson. Her method of draining the city coffers has been through "facism" - setting up commitees which send money to her friends who support her political platform and business enterprises. These include millions laundered to a newly "reformed" health department, Branson Chamber of Commerce and has plans to coninue money laundering operations.
At 3:30 AM this morning, I, Darin Patrick Codon - a man with great courage - blessed by the Lord Almighty - good looking - loving - and a bunch of other nice things I don't have space to print - was released from the custody of the Doctor whom was responsible for my evaluation. Due to great cunning and strategy - listening to the still small voice that each of us has access to - I was able to escape the hospital unharmed and quickly hitched a ride to Kansas City, Missouri where I'm currently typing this post.

Thank you for all your prayers.

I haven't time to read all of your messages but ask that - if possible - you use the open id method of commenting. I realize many of you are afraid of retaliation - so - I don't mind if you feel the need to comment anonymously. Big balls is a metaphor for courage and large "member" a metaphor for power. In this particular case - the blog mentions - both are true, (Ask Heather Turner)

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