Branson Blogger Remains Refugee in Kansas City - Day 2


I'd like to send out very special thanks to Liberal Blogger Blue Girl, Red State. Often, the left winged blogger has a potty mouth so we don't often link to her. She truly feels the pain of soldiers in Iraq and her website is a great place to make direct contact with American Soldiers serving the United States of America as military operatives in the desert of Iraq and Afghanistan. Her internalization of the pain forces her to shout out using less than "civil" language - in other words - she's pretty pissed off most of the time.
As for me, I try to voice both sides of the story whether or not I find an opinion repulsive. Unfortunately, my knowledge of what is happening on the ground in the War on Terrorism in the Middle East is minute compared to hers. Ms. Blue Girl - thanks for having a conscience - may the God of Abraham bless you - may your work lead to greater justice in the world - I pray for blessings and peace to rest upon you.

Having left captivity through the work of Democratic Political Candidate Peter Tsacharidis who conspired with Branson Chief of Police Captain Carroll McCollough to limit free speech for five days on the Branson Edge News Draft Website ( the one you're looking at now) , I hitched a ride to Kansas City, Missouri with one penny in my pocket as documented yesterday.

Nearly a decade ago, I worked on the production of an Internet Television Show with Tom Ptacek who owns the a coffeehouse and theater in the Westport District midtown Kansas City. It's good to be among friends. Last night I was offered shelter by a computer systems analyst by the name of Hewitt Gordon.

Gordon knows nothing of my situation but - without hesitating - offered me a place to sleep in the Plaza district of Downtown KCMO after learning I had no place to rest. Attempts to have funds wired from Branson, Missouri were a failure yesterday - but - hopefully - today - I'll have enough money to purchase a digital camera, hotel room, temporary cell phone, food and clothing. Apparently God is with me - thank you Hewitt Gordon and thank you God for provisions.

Today I feel like Moses trusting that God will provide "Mana" in the way my Hebrew ancestors were provided for. Jackson County has some very serious connotations for my Mormon Ancestors (betcha didn't know I had some of them) who were brutally murdered for voting in this county over a hundred years ago. It wasn't until the 1980's that the "Mormon Extermination Order" issued by Missouri Governor Boggs was rescinded. Missouri Governor Kit Bond, before he served in the Senate issued an apology for the slaughter of "Mormon Saints". Many belive the whole ordeal was over the fact Mormon men have a way of "hooking up the honeys". As for me - I'm a new school Baptist of the Ted Cunningham variety - just better looking than most.

Later today a message will be posted from Rabbi David Bess. Unfortunately, due to the illegal detainment of Blogger Darin Codon (me) I wasn't able to send his blessings out last week.

Lynn Berry of the Branson Chamber of Commerce - former resident of Eureka Springs Arkansas used tax-funded resources to issue instructions on how to "Get Google to Censor" this blogs content. The humiliating e-mail embarrased family members of mine and severely hurt my feelings as a Christian and American as well as a citizen of the city-state of Branson, Missouri which I love.

Ms. Berry - please consider the repurcussions of your actions and what American Patriots fought for in terms of free speech.

In response to Ms. Berry, an editor of this blog pulled several posts - to those that took time to share thier thoughts I sincerely apologize - the posts have been preserved and will be republished - somewhere in cyberspace.

For those curious - as a tech-guru - I have studied the algorhithyms of Google for over a decade and have served as a consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. The massive web presence I enjoy is the fruits of extensive labor. It isn't unusual for me to spend 16 hours a day ensuring the voiceless have a voice and the dialogue of democracy remains alive and well in Branson, Missourl.

Members of the Branson Chamber of Commerce and Branson at large have access to a number of resources free-of-charge; however, I no longer have time to spend hundreds of hours doing this free of charge if I'm going to be stolen from without credit. To the gentlemen from Harrison hired to do Web Development work by the Branson Chamber of Commerce last week for $40,000 - I have no animosity towards you and hope your hard work benefits the city. For a consulting fee - if you get in a jam - I'd be happy to help.

Town Fathers - Please help me collect my debts so that I may look respectable as I represent Branson in Kansas City, Mo. I really need your help right now. If nothing else - your prayers mean everything to me. Thank you - I trust and believe in you. I am not afraid.

The 800 Number - 800-520-0852 is open - the phone number is always on the side bar and can be used to send Faxes and Voice Messages. Unfortunately, I might not be able to call back right away as I currently lack a phone - hopefully, this will change today.

I want to remind the citizens of Branson that there is a single mother who is being forced to pay 40,000 for the destruction of the Christmas Lights many years ago. She has a child who has probably never had a real Christmas and it really breaks my heart. If anyone is willing to match funds I will be happy to raise $20,000.

Waxy O' Sheas at the Branson Landing has given me permission to collect donations - apparently drunk people find the treatment of this single mother by the Branson Chamber of Commerce repulsive - I only hope that Christians will learn to be so generous (I say this in love). I really think we need to consider buying this young lady a house. For those who haven't been paying attention, the single mother, whose name I'm looking for, had very little role in the destruction of Branson's Tax Funded "Baby Jesus Lights".

I believe we're better than this and will not lose hope that we can rectify the situation and treatment of this young lady.

Last week I completed an identification system for Branson that ensures "Sex Offenders" aren't serving alcohol through Branson establishments. The cost of the identification system is 50 cents per ID and takes approx. 45 seconds to verify. Wow! More on this later.....

It looks like another beautiful day in Kansas City. God Bless All of Us.

Branson Man in Kansas City
Darin Codon
Future Candidate for Branson Liquor Czar