Branson Blogger Cons Woman Into Editing Blog

From: "The Wondering Jew"

Gaw India - Catholics fast and pray to God Friday that persecution of the saints will end. Religous conflict is at an all time high. The tension between Muslims and Hindus is ongoing but Christians make easy targets with their higher and mightier attitude.

Blogger Darin Codon manipulates Truman J-School Senior Heather Turner to start publishing on the Branson, Missouri Blog. Stone County native Turner just returned from an internship at CNN England to Kirksville where she'll be running the campus Radio Station. Turner has been a contributer to the Branson Missouri Blog since January.

Recently blunted, Codon said, "Yes, I'm higher". Codon boasted 52 times the audience size as Missouri's Truman State Media giggling "and Mightier".