10 Points - Branson.Con Scandal Continues

1. The Gromans's were not only the owner of Branson.com but was a business partner with Ozark Ticket and Travel assisting with the technical components which helped the company book tours in the Travel Club/Time Share Industry. Groman had a working business relationship with the company before/during and after the investigation by the FBI. The details of the scam are outlined in the Department of Justice report posted below. A $20 Million judgment was issued.

2. The Branson Tourism Center sat next to the Branson Chamber of Commerce. Due to the poor location of the Chamber of Commerce and lack of visibility (the elevation of he Branson Chamber is bellow street level) the street signage appeared to point to the Branson Tourism Center Time-Share Booking operation. Hundreds of people were re-routed to the time-share booking company Branson Tourism Center as opposed to the Branson Chamber of Commerce .
People who are led to believe that the Branson Tourism Center and Branson.com are "official websites" of the city of Branson or the Branson Chamber of Commerce have been duped. The assertion they are the official website of the City of Branson is fraudulent.

3. Branson.com was purchased by Larry Milton - the mastermind of the Branson Tourism Center re-route time-share booking operation. Milton recently bank rolled a political candidate - bypassing Missouri Election Commission Guidelines by registering each domain as a private company. The purchase of Branson.com was arranged after an FBI investigation and resulting fallout plunged Ozark Ticket and Travel into bankruptcy. Many lives, including Branson Businesses and unsuspecting Senior Citizens were in financial ruin as a result of the cited Ponzi Shcheme.

4. Though Milton never paid $1.6 million cash as the press release the Branson Tourism Center would lead one to believe, many of the companies were paid a percentage of the debt accrued through the scam in which Branson.com and Ozark Ticket and Travel played a role. While many of the debts were settled with a partial payment - Groman was paid in full. Groman has refused to disclose the amount of money Milton paid him - the number is believed to be tens's of thousands. To the best of our knowledge, none of the proceeds have been paid to the victims of the raunchy operation.

5. Larry Milton contracted Basil Groman to build a new Branson.com on a Linux platform after the payoff to the Groman's was made. Intellectual property from several other companies was used-borrowed-stolen by Jeremia Froyland (Little Milton) to populate the original database. It was later migrated to a Windows Platform after the Groman payoff was complete.

6. Having been caught utilizing unscrupulous business practices, meant to reduce traffic and visibility of Branson Edge editorial, Little Milton promised to refrain from political activity and purposely sabotaging the Branson Edge web presence. Little Milton decided not to honor the verbal contract and the tradition of misrepresentation continues.

7. When the Chamber of Commerce needed assistance in building their web presence, Little Milton was a part of the board making the decision. Though the Branson Tourism Center and Branson.com Time Share Firm enjoys special benefits of tax-payer funded resources - Little Milton made sure to block presentation of a product and skillset the community is in desperate need of. To compete with a product already built - the Chamber of Commerce in association with the Tax Board is spending $300,000 of public money to send jobs out of the area and compete with local businesses. The purpose of the predatory project is to control the press and local search results.

8. Gary Groman had several conversations with his business partner Milton while the City of Branson was trying to protect the reputation/name. Groman had an obvious financial interest in making sure the city didn't protect itself as his business associates could potentially experience a loss of revenue. Groman used the opportunity to launch an attack campaign on Jack Purvis - all were issued on Sunday - some when Purvis was serving in a Prison Ministry - something Groman didn't acknowledge as it didn't help with the character assassination of the former Alderman.

9. Not only was Groman involved with the Travel Club/Time Share industry, apparently he's still using 1branson.com to push unsuspecting citizens into Time Share tours through Getaway Savers.com.

10. Instead of acknowledging and disclosing his activities, Groman decided to issue a deceptive campaign to slander the messenger. Usually, these hateful articles are delivered on the Sabbath. Groman doesn't like people getting in between him and his pocketbook.

A bird is an animal with a very little heart, little brain and no visible genitalia.

Groman decided not to repent but rather to attempt another harmful attack to cover up his mistakes. Recently, Groman's boss was contacted again by letter - Letter to Tri-Lakes Tribune Editor Sam Clanton.
Due to the fact, Groman dishonestly covers his slanderous posts, we don't use his resources very often. However, if you see Groman take him to task on the points above - force him to disclose his business transactions with companies he's writing about and his involvement with Branson.CON. Perhaps, it would be beneficial to force disclosure of his financial dealings with current and former alderman.
As always, any corrections are appreciated - in the event their are errors or misunderstandings with the records obtained. To maintain editorial integrity it would be great to fill in the blanks - mainly - how big was that payoff?