Taney County Politicians - Debates to Ensue

It's on....can you smell it? Can you smell the sweet aroma of open government? Can you taste the sweetness of open debate.

Since most Branson area politicians run on a Republican ticket the primary Aug. 5th 2008 primary will determine many of our next leaders at an expense in excess of $500,000 in taxpayer funds.

When local candidates are called on the phone to debate there is only one answer:
When and where? This is American Politics - Cowards need not apply.

Anything else is unacceptable.

First to step up to the plate and agree to debate was Roy Combs. Combs and Danny Strahan will fight for Eastern Taney County Commissioner. The debate was originally to occur Saturday but Strahan said he had four funerals to attend. Both men will be contacted shortly. Come hard or go home.

In the Western Taney County Commissioner race Ron Herschend will battle Jim Strafuss. Steve Willoughby of KRZK asked me to make a note that KRZK is not endorsing a candidate. Strafuss, who was endorsed by the Earls, raised eyebrows in the Herschend camp. The Earl family patriarchs stumped for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. When Missouri Governor Matt Blunt endorsed Mitt Romney we questioned him on the campaign trail earlier this year. The family leaders have passed the company down to their children who have not endorsed either dog in the fight.

We humbly ask Willoughby to permit filming of the scripted debate and have encouraged more balanced and aggressive coverage. In fact, we ask permission to record just to make sure this type of behavior doesn't occur. The citizens have a right to know.

Strafuss has been hard on the campaign trail fearing people will vote for Ron Herschend based on his family name's brand recognition and not his platform. Herschend laid low for months while Strafuss met citizens at house parties and community gatherings. Having backed away from early debates Herschend was recently asked if he would attend future debates. Herschend responded, "As long as I know when and where."

Strafuss has been mulling over the $90 million Taney County Budget and wants to bring the public dialogue to state influence and economic development issues.

It's on...like Donkey Kong.