Missouri Liquor Control Sweeps Branson - Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control Cite 6 for serving alcohol to minors

Joe Hodgin, District Supervisor for Missouri Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Control, confirmed the legitimacy of an email citing six Branson Area Alcohol Distributers were busted in a sting operation over the weekend.

The E-mail was sent to Branson Police Chief Carroll McCullough and Mayor Raeanne Presley who refused to release e-mails funneled to a personal address using city resources.

Last week Mayor Raeanne Presly denied a sunshine request for communication recieved digitally marketed through city resources including the city Website and Business Card's purchased at tax payer's expense.

Two operations cited in Hodgin's e-mail occured at the Branson Landing.

The establishments were Liberty Tavern, managed by the Hilton Corporataion and Bar Louie.

The Hilton Corporation plans on opening a beer garden at the Branson Landing promenade when permitting is complete. The booth where Hilton will be providing alcohol to patrons,who must sit in a roped off area, has sat empty for nearly two years.

The action taken by Missouri's division of Alcohol and Tabacco Control occured on Friday July 25th and Saturday July 26th, three businesses were ticketed each day for a total of six busts altogether.

The City of Branson is hosting a forum on underage drinking tomorrow, planning to execute an extensive liqour control policy over the next few weeks and passed an ordincance last night Monday July 28th to increase enforcement of drinking on private property.