Gary Groman issues Carpetbagger Report

The man who refers to himself as "The Ole Seagull" is up to his dirty tricks again filing stories that promote his business associates/politicians.

Unfortunately for Groman, the people are beginning to smarten up.

After finally being called out for having never lived in Branson, Groman is reported to be planning a move to a new home within the city limits he so graciously - and continually proposes we should raise taxes in. The Seagull will finally roost in Branson.

Having cashed in on some profitable deals involving businesses who participated in travel club scams, Groman is really rolling in the dough.

The Groman clan's last major deal was a transfer of intellectual and domain assets for political bribery donation expert Larry Milton - the mastermind and owner of time-share solicitation firms and

The retired government attorney - who has never held a license to practice law in Missouri - reneged on his meritless attack on the Branson Edge last week (plagiarizing content without giving credit in the newspaper)after speaking to his alderman/business associates. Apparently, the public appreciated the "heads-up" issued by Branson's Premeir Online News Source.

Groman's 180 in his opposition to the fine editorial product coming to you live and direct as we speak - comes with a disclaimer prompting the reader to keep in mind that Branson needs much more aggressive ordinances on businesses wishing to carry alcohol. Groman once again supports bigger government with increased spending.

Groman is "Yella"

Keep in mind that this is America and everyone is entitled to their opinion - even if they're flying rats.

Unlike true journalists, Groman's stories are only opinions rendered with the precision a government sophist alone could conjure.

Though Groman's traditional sabbath day attacks are generally aimed at politicians - it would be wise to ask yourself -

Does Groman conceal the identity of Politicians posting under fake names on his family's website?

How much money does Groman take from politicians who have/are or currently serving in government positions?

One thing is for sure, Gary Groman showed his true colors last week - "Yella" when he took the King Presley approach to public dialogue and "Refused to Debate" in a public forum.

The government employee - turned government watchdog - turned government lapdog - flew in fear as management threatened to share a voice more in tune with the people and less with Groman's financial interests.

Anonymous sources report Groman took a stroll to his old employers office in fear he'd have to stand against reporter and Chief Branson Missouri Typist" Darin Codon.


"I wish he wouldn't feel like he'd have to starve my children," said Codon who promised to end the story with three nice things about Groman.

"It's hard to find people that are willing to openly support limiting social freedoms and liberal fiscal policies. Not everyone can endorse higher taxes and wasteful spending with such grace"

"He really married up, he was smart enough to find a wife with editorial skills and a conscience"


"For a fat guy, he doesn't sweat much"