Branson Missouri Real Politik Part 3 of 3

Journalism? this is the Media Mafia, the age of the Netizen.
Patrick Summerfield

Back in the early 1990's Democrats weren't receiving the cash flow they needed to make our area important.

Democrat Missouri Governor Bob Holden changed that. On the street in Jefferson City it was rumored Holden desired a seat at the 2002 All-Star Game in Milwaukee.

Enter Rick Huffman, Principal HCW, a Branson based company with a hunger for a $50 million tax rebate to builds a development on Lake Taneycom stretching along the White River's shore front.

Parachutes were removed from Huffman's private jet. Huffman planned it out, allow Missouri's Governor to chill and enjoy the game. Fly him in 1st Class to the Major League All-Star Game to the best seat in the house.

Two hours in, two hours back. Huffman could bet on Holden's life he'd have unfettered face time.

Plenty of time to close a deal.

In the background Huffman had a pep talk to give a few friends on the other side of the aisle. He needed them to increase funding for upcoming elections.

On Monday July 28, 2008 Huffman was asked, "Is this right? , Is campaign finance tied to support?"

Without a flinch, Huffman says,
"I don't think it's right, but I think this has been the way it has always been since the founding of the nation".

I have a campaign finance story to cover and Huffman reflects on a Missouri Ethics Commission violation for not reporting a stamp expense neither attributing it to a Political Action Committee. nor Lou Schaefer the candidate he was backing at the time. "They made me donate $1,000 dollars to a charity of my choice, " informed Huffman.

I'm hot on Rick Davis's trail. I believe a mailer blanketing Branson's District 3 wasn't properly recorded. As a public custodian of fact, if I have knowledge about it, I'm obligated to report it. Unless of course Davis acknowledges me as a priest, doctor or attorney. I know this much, the people that sent the mailer aren't willing to spend time in prison by perjuring themselves in front of a judge and that itself is enough information to pursue the story.

***Personal Bias: I cancelled an invitation to watch football with former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney in Iowa before the Branson Alderman elections like a stood up prom date.

In one sentence I can explain the media mafia to you -

News it's what we say it is

Huffman has chosen his horse in the Missouri Gubernatorial race backing Congressman Kenny Hulshof who has recieved substantial financial support from Branson residents.

Hulsohof's in for a challenge and Huffman's committed to financially supporting the Congressman before and after the primaries next week.

Hear Media Mafia Member MMM © Quote the Wall Street Journal:
Happy happy joy joy for Jay Nixon, Missouri's attorney general and Democratic candidate for governor. Nixon's a terrible public speaker and uninspiring gubernatorial candidate. But in this campaign cycle, all he needs is a pulse to be competitive. Ron Davis's Chatter on Jay Nixon
Elections are Hunting Season. Politicians have to make themselves appear, openly debate. They spend cheddar on our media outlets. They feed our children by making themselves open to scrutiny. In return, we help them communicate their ideas.

Davis, canceled my hunting season last April, but I'm a little more irritated with the Taney County Election Campaign management who delayed my right to vote.

Rule #2 Follow the Money.

Fortunately, we live in a democracy and campaign finance documents helped me follow Rick Davis on the campaign trail.

Unfortunately, since elected, I can always tell how he's going to vote by looking at his campaign contributers view scape ™.

Over the past couple meetings Branson's City Government committed to over $500,00 in payments , it's flowing like water - millions in the works - infrastructure, bond payments , contract fulfillment on NID's, CID's, TIFF's. lawsuits, contract fulfillment and funding special interests such as the multitude of Psuedo Government Entities demanding payment.

Earlier this week Branson City Leaders spent $90,000 to have a consulting firm babysit the cash. When they met to discuss it, no one from the press showed up.

Branson is a Billion Dollar Economy affected my international labor law.

In meetings, Alderman Stephen Marshall has focused discussion to international labor and immigration policies.

Twice an immigrant, Marshall has first-hand experience with the process.In Jamaica, the country of his birth, they have a word for Caucasians without "black native assistants" - Canadians.

Importing labor is part of Marshall's business. The 2008 season provided a low supply of the usual Russian workforce shifting focus to ex-Soviet satellite states - Ukranians and Lithuanian college students are easily identified throughout Branson by their stark blue eyes and blond hair.

In higher supply is the Romanian and Hangarian worker variety. These countries produce women of a harrier lineage contrasting sharply against those from former U.S.S.R. proper.

"Only Mexicans want these jobs", asserted Marshall to the Branson Daily News.

In the Meantime FBI Director Robert Meuller informs me:

"The majority of victims in FBI human trafficking cases are woman and
young girls from Central American and Asian countries. They are
primarily forced into the commercial sex industry and, like the young
teen from Haiti, domestic servitude. Men and boys are typically
victimized in the migrant farming, restaurant, and other
service-related industries. However, there are an increasing number of
young males being forced into the commercial sex industry as well."
Link: FBI Report - Today's Human Trafficking and Slave Trade

To Be Continued.....