Branson Missouri Real Politik Part 2 of 3

Branson's Mayor tore out a dozen pages from the Economist and passed me the article linked after the jump.
A Branson area priest stood at the Missouri Republican Convention and after politicians bent their head to pray he declared, "God, I don't know what side you're on, but the Republicans are on your side"

Of course, the pastor failed to mention the first American president to declare himself a Born Again Christian was Democrat Jimmy Carter.

In Taney County US House of Rep. Missouri 8th District Democratic Candidate Joe Allen is vying for pro-life endorsements in hopes to sway the Southwest Missouri religious vote. Allen believes he can gain the Christian Vote with a more stringent stance against Stem Cell Research.

Last month when Missouri Governor Matt Blunt came to town a member of the audience exploded, "Swearing in with the Koran? What's going on here, we're supposed to be a nation under God!". Blunt said, "I don't know anything about that."

Branson Communications director Jerry Adams fielded this phone call from a Branson Resident:

8. Jan 11, '08 Ed Hathcoat, Wanted to know if homosexuals are trying to take over city like they did in Eureka Springs.

1/14 Informed him city officials were not aware of any activity like this.

But as in international politics, the lines aren't very clear and the most visible aren't always the most shining.

Reporters from across the state have their eyes on Jim Bakker who has setup shop in Blue Eye just a few miles south.

Two books were released this year on the Branson Economy and Religion.

A third book released by blogger Randy Turner reveals a darker side. One chapter involves several highly-visible residents from Branson who invested in an AIDS cure that "wouldn't cure gay people. "God wouldn't allow that", professed the "inventor" before earning a prison sentence for fraud.

In Branson a religious culture has emerged and private organizations have linked hands with government entities to slow drug abuse rates and combat poverty. Two of the most notable are Church Army and Christian Action Ministries (CAM). Both organizations are funded by private and public funds.

Here in the 3rd Richest County in Missouri we also rank 3rd highest among people living in poverty.

(The Photo above was taken from Mayor Raeanne Presley's political library, accessible at city hall. The photo was banned from a British Art Exhibit)

To be Continued.....